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Iris Generator

What is Iris Generator ?

Iris Generator is a code generator which is meant to be flexible enough to fit many generation scenarii.

To do so, Iris Generator is based on a modular architecture. Each module (or plugin) fit a peculiar need. It is then easy to reuse a module in another generation process.

The 1.0.2 version includes :
  • A SQL Server 2005 Database analyzer. It transforms the Database Scheme to an Object Model that can be reused in other modules.
  • A CRUD Creator: This module fills the Database Object Module with CRUD requests. This module could be reused for any Database Engine (not tested).
  • A SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedure Writer: Generate an sql source file with the code for creating stored procedures according to the Database Object Model.
  • A DAL Analyzer: It analyse de Database Object Model to build a DAL Object Model. This module could be reused in any language(to be tested).
  • A Simple DAL Writer: It writes a very simple DAL for .Net 2.0. I do not support this module. It was mainly developed for testing.
  • A DAL Writer: The module writes a DAL for DotNet 2.0 (for C# and VB.Net). It includes a class for managing Connection and it reflects the structure of the DAL Object Model.
  • A Visual Studio 2005 Project Writer: It writes a project file. This module used just after the DAL writer allows to have a ready to use VS project.
  • A BLL Analyzer to build a business logic layer
  • A BLL writer which writes the code for the Business Logic Layer in C# or VB.Net

As i am French, i also « localized » the application for French Users. Donc si vous êtes français l'application marche aussi dans la langue de Molière :).

Future releases will include following additional .Net and SQLServer component generators:
  • A module which will recover already existing stored procedure and include them in the generation process.
  • A WebService generator for .Net 2.0 and .Net 3.0 (WCF)
  • And a bit more... see Roadmap

Where to start from ?

Here are few hints to help you use Iris Generator.

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