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Iris Generator 1.0.2

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Released: Jan 10, 2008
Updated: Jan 23, 2008 by ld9474
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Application Iris Generator 1.0.2
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Source Code Source Code
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Application Iris Generator 1.0.2 Patch #1
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Release Notes

A lot of improvements were added to this version:

A new Business Logic Layer Generator
Two modules where added to build a full set of classes which communicate with the underlying Data Access Layer.

Database views are now part of the process
Views are now considered as Tables (almost) and thus, selects requests are generated as well as the code on the BLL.

Save and Open Projects
You can now save and reopen your projects. Two save/open modes were implemented. The classic one with the open/save file dialog. With the other method which i find a bit more user friendly, your projects are saved in the save subdirectory. When you save your project, a backup of the older file is made before rewritting it.

New UI
Several changes where made to the UI. The modules are now shown as a stack on the left side of the main window which looks a bit smarter than a Treeview.

Errors and Warnings
Sometimes a module can not run an analyze because of an error in a preceeding step or just because a parameter is not corectely set (a connection string not set for instance). A panel was added to show the errors the modules raised.

Module States
Modules have now a state telling the generator which steps it is able to run with the actual configuration.

A msi setup
I finally decided to learn more about WiX and here is the result :)

A mini SDK is included within the installer. The SDK includes
  • VS class templates to provide the skeleton for a module developpement. There is a template for both VB and C#.
  • A project XSD File that defines a project template for Iris Generator. This is temporary as the next version will handle project creation.
  • The documentation for Iris.Common assembly.

Iris Generator 1.0.2 Patch 1: This patch fixes all fixed issues up to now;

#9226: Char metatype conversion
#9236: tinyint crud error - SQL incorrect
#9237: SP_ Naming is bad practice
#9238: CRUD - Adding of plurals in stored procs... adding S where not needed.
#9240: Smallint - Bigint Columns generate an SQL Error

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