Quick Start

This guide is meant to help you quickly start a generation process.

First of all you need to create a project. A project is based on template which contains the definition of the modules which will be used to generate the code.
Click on File -> New.


This will open the project creation window


Give your project a Name, and choose the template you want to use (For now choose only the one on the left. The screen will be improved soon to hand long names). Click Create.

We are back on the main screen


The TreeView on the left side of the screen is now filled with the various modules that will be run.

Clicking on each node gives you the ability to parameter modules via the property grid on the right side of the screen.


When all parameters are set, you can click « Analyze » to run the first step of the process. Here you can adjust parameters and run the Generate process. If you click first at « Generate » the Analyze is run before.

The result is in the output directories you defined (Default is My Documents\ProjectName):


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